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Completely EASY setup and EASY to use

                 Very simply, we provide you with the complete online matrimony platform including database, software, payment processing, customer support, hosting and much more. You simply market the site.

                 t is completely easy to setup, we only earn money when you earn money – sign up for a free account, try it out and see how easy it is.

For more details, contact Mr.RB.Vishal - 9840992658 Edit

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We need to make you money                    Size isn't everything. You don't have to be a huge organisation to run a matrimony website. We provide the platform, the customer database and all of the back end technicalities, the only thing you're left to do is add your brand and spread the word.

                   Here at we have the perfect platform to earn a full or part time living from the web. Whether you're a web designer, developer, online marketer or it's simply a hobby, we make it simple for you to earn using our platform


                     While it is highly profitable, this is not a "get rich quick" scheme and partners would initially be expected to spend a few hours a week on their Matrimony site, growing to a full time basis when generating high member profiles.We provide the Matrimony software, membership database, payment processing, customer support, hosting infrastructure, and much more. All that you need to do is take care of the marketing, so spread the word and get people visiting the site!


 1.Gold Public Website in your name without any data, and data sharing                       Rs. 40,000/-(The Matrimony website will be in your name and it dose not contain any registered users profiles. The new profiles getting registered in your site will be shared with Nibav and other Nibav’s Whitelable sites.)Yearly maintenance charges will be 25% of your plan’s cost.

2.Gold PrivateWebsite in your name without any data, and no data sharing  Rs. 50,000/-(The Matrimony website will be in your name and it dose not contain any registered users profiles. The new profiles getting registered in your site will not be shared with Nibav and other Nibav Whitelable sites.)Yearly maintenance charges will be 25% of your plan’s cost.

3.Diamond PublicWebsite in your name with data, and data sharing                                      Rs. 70,000/-(The Matrimony website will be in your name and it contains registered users profiles. The new profiles getting registered in your site will be shared with Nibav and other Nibav Whitelable sites.)Yearly maintenance charges will be 25% of your plan’s cost.

Domain name must be registered by you and configure the name server as per our advise.Hosting will be in our server at free of cost. Fixing the pricing for your members will be your choice.

 4.Payment gateway service. You can use Nibav’s payment gateway in your website. On your receivables, a minimum charge of 15% will be deducted as commission for Nibav and the         balance will be transferred to your bank account electronically twice a month.

5.Banner adverts :You can earn more by displaying banner ads in your Whitelablead Matrimony website. The publishing charges is Rs.300/- per banner, which is inclusive of the complete control panel for the same.


We're here to make your lives as easy as possible. Signup takes a matter of minutes and is totally free. We will earn you money. It's in our best interest to earn you as much as possible.

Here's what we can offer you:

·         Nominal setup cost

·         Creating your site is very easy.

·         Sign up for an account without any obligation and see how easy it is to get started.

·         Everything is included

We provide you with millions of ready and waiting members across our network of sites, our robust, centrally-hosted online Matrimony software, secure credit card processing, a full customer support centre, etc.

Get paid electronically twice a month

Register your bank account details on our secure, encrypted server and we'll pay you twice a month via Electronic Funds Transfer. Receive your money straight away and track your income through our advanced back-end reporting system.

Create as many sites as you want

Even better, why not create multiple sites across more than one niche to cater for different members? You can easily create as many sites as you want, targeting niches such as specific country, state, religion, caste, ages, etc. to maximise your income.


·         Fast & Easy Setup

·         Rapid Revenue Generation

·         Millions of Members

·         Account Management

·         Flexible Templates

·         Best Matrimony Platform

·         Optimised CRM

·         Cutting edge functionality

·         PR/Marketing Support

·         Creative resource

·         Niche Networks

·         Automatic Software Updates

·         Fully Managed Hosting

·         Secured by McAfee

·         Secure credit card payments

·         Customer Support

·         Member & Revenue Reporting

·         Continual improvement of the platform

·         Moderation of all member profiles.

A pretty good deal don't you think?

Fast & Easy Setup Edit

             You can be up and running with your new matrimony site within 2 business days, honestly.

             Once you’ve registered with us, you’ll get immediate access to our partner management system where you can choose your sites templates and designs to customise your website design and find out how to maximise your marketing spend.

           Once the site is created, our partner account management team will be in contact to help you make the most from it – advising you on marketing strategies and how to be as successful as possible.

       Remember – we only make money when you make money – so you can be sure our team are much incentivised to help you!!

Rapid Revenue Generation Edit

                   The revenue opportunities in online matrimony are significant and it is not unusual to be earning thousands and lakhs of Rupees within just a few months of launch.

        Our partner team are there to help you make money – and they only make money when you make money so you can be sure they’re motivated to help you get started. Our partner managers have taken on new partners from scratch that then goes on 18 months later to earn thousands and lakhs of rupees per year.

                            You’re guaranteed to earn more money with us than anyone else.

Without exception, partners on our platform enjoy better conversions, more paying members and longer member retention than anyone else – perhaps we are the first and the best white label matrimony platform in the world.

Millions of Members Edit

                      One of the major benefits of a white label matrimony platform is that we provide a critical mass for your site to work from launch.

                    There’s no need to spend money growing your database to critical mass (so there’s enough people for your members to contact) as we provide you with a ready-made database of millions of active, recent members to search through.

                     Whether you decide to launch a general or other niche online matrimony site – your members will be able to search from a database containing millions of other members – ensuring you start to generate revenue from day one.

Partner Account Management Edit

                     Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be allocated a dedicated account manager from our partner account management team who will help you to maximise your revenue.

                All our account managers are dedicated to ensuring your site reaches its full potential. This really is a true partnership – your partner manager is motivated by both your short and long-term revenue generation. They’ll help you get started with no-cost marketing opportunities and work with you to maximise your ROI and earn a very healthy profit from your online matrimony business.

                 Our account managers will help you market your site, set up special offers and help you develop your site to become a source of solid, reliable recurring revenue. They’re there to help you make your site the very best.

Flexible Templates Edit

                    We offer a flexible template system which allows a good degree of customisation whilst still maximising your conversion rates. Because we share your motivation to maximise revenues, we work hard to offer the best user-experience possible to your members – this encourages them to pay for the service and remain on the site for longer, increasing your long-term income.

               Once you’ve signed up as a partner, you can choose from a variety of template sets and customise the colours and branding to precisely match the look and feel of your site.

Best Matrimony Platform Edit

      is recognised worldwide as the best performing white label matrimony platform available.

                     Quite simply, matrimony sites on our platform convert more members, keep members paying and generate far more revenue for our partners than any other platform.

                                 As a result you will earn more money with us than any other provider.

We also provide partners with ongoing improvements to the partner portal, offering new reports, features and marketing advice on a regular basis.

Niche Networks Edit

                  The growth of niche matrimony has been well documented in the media – as the online matrimony market has matured, people are now looking for individuals like themselves.

               Members are more likely to pay for a niche matrimony site and customer acquisition cost is lower than a general catch-all matrimony site. This means you’ll make more money in niche matrimony but spend less – which gives you a much higher return on investment.

Automatic Software Updates Edit

                    As a fully hosted application on our white label matrimony platform, all partners benefit from continual improvements to their matrimony site.

We provide scheduled enhancements on a monthly and quarterly basis – whenever required; we will test any changes on a small number of selected partner sites to ensure the changes improve short and long-term revenues. We then roll out the changes across all partner sites.

Some software updates are provided disabled by default so you can enable these features if you desire or you may prefer to keep them disabled so you can cross-sell your members to an additional matrimony site you provide which enables these features.

Fully Managed Hosting Edit

                                  All our partners benefit from a fully managed hosting solution with Rack Force – one of the fastest and most reliable IP networks in the world.

We have dozens of managed servers with Rack Force and have invested heavily, resilient architecture to provide the fastest possible experience for your members.

All sites reside on a fully redundant and scalable server architecture which provides lighting fast response times to maximise revenue generation. All our partners benefit from:

·         Lightning fast content delivery via web servers and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

·         Full Load Balancing

·         High Security Firewalls

·         Multiple Web Servers

·         Multiple Master and Slave Database Servers

·         High Availability Raid Configurations

·         Multiple Redundancy

·         Regular Hourly Backups and Full Daily Backups

·         High Security Data centre

·         Local Point of Presence for National Customers

We are continually growing our hosting infrastructure to scale with the rapid growth of our platform – all partners benefit from an incredible level of speed, scalability and redundancy that is only possible from a white label matrimony platform.

Secured by McAfee Edit

                Our system is scanned and certified daily by McAfee Secure so you can be sure your members’ details will be safe. All our sites are tested daily by McAfee Secure to check for any security vulnerabilities. This provides peace of mind for members which also help to raise conversion from basic to paying membership.

Secure Credit Card Payments Edit

                    We use high-grade Version 128-bit encryption tool & PCI certified for all credit card transactions and process all payments securely using. We adhere to the most stringent levels of fraud screening, ensuring that your customer's details remain secure throughout the transaction process.

The better the niche, the higher the conversion from basic to paying members – which means more money in your pocket.

For more details, contact Mr.RB.Vishal - 9840992658 Edit


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