slleping on mumbay foot paths

I watched several people made their home on mumbai footpaths. they made smaall huts with plastics, paper,and small rods.

they uses this place to live cook, eat and sleep. they were not worried about any matters, but they werealso paying rent to goondas, police and politicians. they doing several kinds of works as per their age and sex. small children begs or selling small things in the road,while yelder children do selling things may varie time to time and day by day. girl childs slips to prostitution when they cannot understand what they are doing. they have no facilities of anything, but they are also human beings. they also have human brain and feelings. our politicians neglect them exept some occations like rallies and making violences. they have no ration card or voters id.But they also counted as humans in censeses. they also counted to calculate per capita income and forign debt.They were lucky people, they aso can say "WE ALSO HAVE 10000 DOLLERS DEBT"

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