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Idea Edit

A_1, A_2 ... are lists of entries. a_{i1}, a_{i2} ... are entries of the list A_i.

The closeness meassure C_{ij} between A_i and A_j is 2.\left | A_i \cap A_j \right | - \left | A_i \cup A_j \right |

Rank w.r.t. A_i of an entry a \notin A_i is \sum_{all j \ne i} C_{ij} for a \in A_j

Interface Tables Edit

Bloglist table
List URL
Blog URL
Blog URL table
Blog URL
Sequence number

Newer entries have higher sequence numbers.

List URL table
List URL
Timestamp of last success
Number of failed access

Computing Closeness vector Edit

Closeness vector table
List URL 1
List URL 2
closeness value

Updating Closeness Vector Table Edit

For every new blog URL a added to the list1,
   For every list2,

      If a is in list2,
         Increment closeness value of (list1, list2).

      If a is not in list2,
         Decrement closeness value of (list1, list2).

Ranking blog URLs w.r.t a bloglist A Edit

For every blog url a,
   For every bloglist B containing a,
       Rank of a += Closeness(A,B)

Sorted primarily by Rank then by sequence number.

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