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Convert Varamozhi logic to ICU transforms Edit

Advantage being, that is the most standardized representation of transformation logic concisely. ICU code could be used for a flexible Varamozhi engine to be used as a C library or Java applet.

A standalone editor with unicode capability Edit

Something like varamozhi's editor; but with native Unicode capability. For example, this could be built using Qt.

Enhance English-Malayalam transliteration dictionary in Varamozhi Edit

See Varamozhi:Community_Portal#Selecting_English_words_to_be_included fan

onvert Malayalam to Manglish to generic library Edit

Convert the structure of lam_src code in varmaozhi to that of mal_src so that there won't be name clash between libraries. amma

Webcrawler to autogenerate rules from varamozhi english community effort Edit

Something that use wget (or similar) to get the newly added rules and create Varamozhi rules based on that.

Ascii encoded font to Unicode font Edit

Convert an ascii encoded font to Unicode font automagically. The mapping available in Varamozhi source and the XML representation of a font(eg: TTX package) could be used for this. Contact person: Prasanth R (prasanth.r അറ്റ് gmail).

International Phonetic Alphabet for Malayalam Edit

IPA - International Phonetic Alphabet) can be a very useful method for even the Dictionary project. Unlike English, we can have more or less exact IPA conversion (to and fro) for Indian Languages. There can be popular IPA to Voice synthesis systems later, in which case, our Malayalam to IPA schemes could be easily adapted to them as they get read

Glyph database of Malayalam Edit

A wiki based glyph database representing all known letters, signs and symbols used Malayalam. Rachana font set (RA1-6.ttf available at Varamozhi font repository could be the starting point.

Wiktionary Edit

Add words to wiktionary, siting the location where the word is found. Thus we will get the real set of words used in Malayalam. Malayalam defintely not a superset of Samskritham.

Tools Edit

  • OCR
  • Text reader
  • Speech recognizer
  • Spell Checker
  • Grammar Checker
  • Chlorinator

Fix Malayalam bugs Edit

  • padma
  • pango
  • firefox

Create Fonts Edit

Please contact Kevin for more technical help

Font for small point sizes Edit

You may need to omit not so frequent stacked conjuncts[ .

Font with smallest download size Edit

For mobiles

Create a Mac font Edit

Make font development independent of Unicode Edit

Create a VOLT file which can do all the substitution and positioning. One can modify Anjali's Volt source. Fonts follow a naming convention for the glyphs. After font development, they can import this volt source and can get a Unicode complaint font!

The naming convension can be Mozhi itself. For below base forms, it can be <name of the letter>.s. For example, below base form of ന can be named 'na.s'. When there are multiple below base forms, eg: വ, we can use va.s, va.s1 etc. Here va.s is the common form in സ്വന്തം. The va.s1 is the form in താഴ്വാരം.


Add data to cldr survey tool regarding Malayalee's formatting habbits.

New Characters Edit

Find more unicode characters and submit proposals. Ex: Musical notations.

Promote Edit

Software packages Edit

  • Create CDs with all necessary software to configure Malayalam in a PC. It is best to have a single installation for all these below:
  1. AnjaliOldLipi font
  2. Rachana_w01
  3. Varamozhi Editor - needs to install Matweb.ttf
  4. Keyman - start this installation
  • Auto configure everything for the user.


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