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AnjaliOldLipi font Edit

  • Comprehensive Malayalam Traditional (Old Lipi) Unicode font.
  • Typographed like Arial which is the very essential font for English/Latin script.
  • Hinted for small font sizes.
  • Unicode standard compliant.

Mozhi Keyman Edit

  • Input Method Editor using Tavultesoft Keyman.
  • Works on both MS Windows and linux.

Varamozhi Editor Edit

  • Supports all available Malayalam fonts and Unicode. Anything missing can be added upon request.
  • Convert a document in one font to another.
  • Edit a Malayalam document from any web site.
  • English text can be embedded.
  • Export to HTML for formatting and printing.
  • Write English words used in Malayalam as it is (eg: school, bus).
  • Source code is open by GNU public license.
  • Adaptable to any reasonable transliteration scheme and Malayalam font.
  • Source code can generate a transliteration library(.dll/.a) for 3rd party editors.


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